To love and to be loved
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My name is Sorcha and I fall over a lot. I am infinitely wise yet infinitely flawed. I'm 20 and I'm already an utter and total mess. Cider, films, and procrastinating are my life.
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I’ll be your Emmylou and I’ll be your June

If you’ll be my Gram and my Johnny too

No I’m not asking much of you

Just sing little darling sing with me

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“Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you.” —Tyrion Lannister (via yominokuni)

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tumblr made me think about a lot of things but mostly social justice and my eyebrows

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 David Eagleman, “Metamorphosis”


 David Eagleman, “Metamorphosis”

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“I already saw that on Tumblr.” —literally everything  (via pestan)

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